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Established companies with positive cash flow and scale economies

Ethical leadership with a proven track record of execution and growth

Mission-driven management employing sustainable business practices

Industry sector offering organic growth and/or defensible market niches

Business strategy leveraging innovation and/or favorable secular trends

Investment Criteria

Targeted Revenue:

>$5 million

Targeted EBITDA:

>$1 million

Targeted Transaction Value:

>$15 million

Targeted Investment Size:

$3-$30 million

Sector Focus

We focus on preferred industry segments where we have deep investing, operating, and governance experience which include: Business Services; Consumer & Food; Financial Services; Healthcare; and Manufacturing. We do not invest in startups or real estate.

Why Partners Choose the Copia Group

We Pursue Purpose

We seek to work collaboratively with purpose-driven leaders who seek a trusted partner and strategic advisor to help them achieve their vision and mission. Our distinct approach, which marries the strategic investment of capital with the holistic development of scalable business, is designed to ensure that we make their company’s mission our mandate.

We Accelerate Impact

Impact is never optional, and all companies generate societal impact – whether positive or negative. We choose business partners who seek to create positive value for all stakeholders – including investors, employees, and the broader communities they serve. Our social impact framework helps mobilize, measure, and magnify their efforts to drive impact at scale.

We Leverage Social Capital

We leverage all forms of capital placing emphasis on relational and human capital. We deploy our extensive network of relationships to enhance the essentials needed to accelerate profitable business growth. Our intentional focus on social capital offers benefits such as increased brand equity, employee engagement, and customer loyalty.

We Promote Diversity

We promote diversity to foster innovation and business growth. We are especially adept at identifying untapped market opportunities and partnering with women and ethnically diverse business operators. Our proven commitment to economic inclusion helps our partners grow their businesses while expanding access to opportunity.

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